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Well, so I've decided to sell my Johnny's (and Takahiro Nishijima) photos. 
The official pics cost 1.50€ and the paparazzi ones, 1€  (except for the "caras" ones)
The "caras" officials cost 2.50€ each, and the "caras" paparazzis cost 2€.

For every 5 photos you buy, I'll be giving you one more for free (notice that the "caras" ones aren't included in this special offer, I won't be giving them as presents). So, if you buy 10 photos you'll be getting 2 more for free; if you buy 15 you'll be getting 3 more... and so on. 

You must pay for the shipping cost. Once you've decided which ones you'll be buying, I'll let you know of the different shipping methods and how much each of them costs (the shipping price depends on the weight of the package).

As for the payment method, I accept bank transfer at no addicional cost, only if you're from Spain. You can also use PayPal (which would mean you'd have to pay an additional sum of 2€). 

To place your order, you need to complete this form
E-mail address: 
Photos you'd like to purchase: 
Free gift photos (only if you meet the requirements): 
Payment method: 

Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask!

Go here to see the pics~
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